Thursday, July 2, 2015

This Is Why.....

This is why I haven't posted for so long.  It's hard to create or even think of creating in the midst of such chaos!  Less than two years after being transferred to Dallas, Texas my husband's company moved us back to Chicago!  We bought a house less than a mile away from our old house!!

At least I have a kitty helping me!

This picture was after the movers left. Nearly everything is in the center of the room because we are having all of the trim in the house painted white.  The painters had the house empty for three days before the furniture arrived but they still had plenty to do after the truck was unloaded.  That made it difficult to get things done with painters throughout the house!  I'm sure the painters were thinking the same thing with me in the way. 

Different kitty, still no help.

Three weeks later and furniture is in place, boxes unpacked but not much more progress!  Other rooms in the house are priority, but at least the boxes are empty, collapsed and out of the house!

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